KubaParis CAT Edition
KubaParis CAT Edition

Kreineckers February Pullover
Kreineckers February Pullover

Lives and works in Vienna, Austriaprokopaviciute.com

Systems of Support, Salzburger Kunstverein, AT 
Feeling Without Touching, Nicodim, New York, US
Zero-sum, House of Spouse, Vienna, AT (Solo)
Terminus, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York, US
nEYEYEght, Galeria Francisco Fino, Lisbon, PT
Van Look Preis 2023: The Back Room, E-Werk, Freiburg, DE (Solo)
Infinite Looping in Harmony, Hatch, Paris, FR
Approach, Coulisse, Stockholm, SE
Out of the Corner of the Eye, Editorial, Vlinius, LT
Very Accessible Painting, Trust, Vienna, AT (Solo)
How exactly like the object, how beautiful! How exactly like the object, how ugly! Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, AT
Niche, Editorial, Vilnius, LT (Solo)
Odd Attractor, Galerija Vartai, Vilnius, LT 
Haus Wien, Vienna, AT
4/Cyan, Tim Nolas, Vienna, AT
Pale Echo, NEVVEN, Gothenburg, SE (Solo)  
New Views on Same-Olds, xhibit, Vienna, AT
S.O.L System of Language, Eve Leibe Gallery, Online
Radical Passivity: Politics of the Flesh, nGbK, Berlin, DE
Unchain #1, WAF galerie – kunstbuero, Vienna, AT
Der Bote ist der Tote, Mauve, Vienna, AT
No x in nixon, Skulpturinstitut, Vienna, AT
Topics, Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna, AT (Graduate show, Solo)
Über das Neue, Pferd, Belvedere 21, Vienna, AT
Vorwand II, Kunstverein Eisenstadt, AT
Vorwand, Pilot, Vienna, AT
Unter Bildern, Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna, AT
HARSH ASTRAL: The Radiants 2, with Mutant Autopilot Brushes, Francesca Pia, Zürich, CH
Tragic Stone Beach, Pferd, Vienna, AT
HIMBEERE 2016, White Dwarf, Vienna, AT (Solo)
out of the blue, wellwellwell, Vienna, AT
#4 REPORTS FROM SPECIES OF SPACES, wellwellwell, Vienna, AT

PW-Magazine—This Limitedness of Your Own, 2022
The Good Neighbour—Phoenix in folds, video interview, 2022
KubaParis—Options, options! A conversation with Katharina Höglinger, 2020
artnews.lt—Tapyba su vienkartine pirštine, Dec 2020 
Echo Gone Wrong—Painting with a One-Way Glove, Nov 2020
Art Maze Mag—Summer Issue 18, Aug 2020